How to make good coffee

How to make good quality coffee?

Consider the following:

1- Coffee should be ground according to your brewing coffee.

Types of coffee makers: Turkish coffee maker, Mokapat, French press, manual espresso machine, V60, Hario, Drip electric coffee maker, small home espresso machine, professional espresso machine, automatic coffee makers

Each of the above coffee makers can have great results as long as the coffee is suitable for them and your taste buds.

2- Do not store ground coffee for more than two months.

When coffee is ground, the internal fat is broken down, which contains the aroma and taste of coffee.

Fat combines with air or loses its flavor.

3- Do not put coffee next to spices or fragrant things.

Coffee can absorb its adjacent aromas.

4- Keep coffee in a closed container.

A box that does not allow air and light to penetrate is suitable.

5- Coffee should not be roasted too much.

One of the important points in buying good coffee is proper roasting and coffee should not be overcooked because it turns into carbon.

6. Use a coffee mix.

You can combine several types of coffee according to the experience of the seller or yourself to achieve good coffee.

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