What are the characteristics of high quality pipe tobacco?

You can find different brands of pipe tobacco, each has fans.

The main question is what is the characteristic of high quality pipe tobacco?

In order to be able to evaluate a tobacco after purchase, rather than relying on the manufacturer’s definition, what parameters must it have that result in a great piping?

In this article, we will professionally examine the quality parameters of pipe tobacco.

1- Tobacco composition:

Yellow and red Virginia is found in almost all tobacco, and Condish can also sweeten it a little.

Burley, Kentucky, Latakia and other leaves can make the taste special.

Try to buy tobacco that has a condensate to make the smoke sweeter. This group is popular both among simple tobacco smokers and among aromatic tobacco lovers.

Of course, Latakia, English and adult tobacco also have their fans, but if you do not have pipe smoking experience, I do not recommend using this group.

2- Tobacco cut:

Cut can be very effective during burning time.

If the tobacco contains flake pieces, you will have a luxury choice.

Very small tobaccos cause rapid burning and burning.

Tobacco material:

Tobacco should be thick enough to smoke.

Commercial tobacco is more like paper, some burn quickly and some do not light at all.


It should have a good humidity when you buy tobacco.

When you press the tobacco between your fingers, it should not look like dough and it should not hiss.

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