Types of pipe tobacco

Two main groups of tobacco are as follows:

1- Scottish English brigade who are more natural than the next group.

2- American type, which are usually perfumed in different ways.

Most people who like pipe smoking usually prefer American tobacco because it is more fragrant and lighter than the first one, and the Cavendish and Dutch Cavendish types, which are based on Maryland tobacco, are among them. Future.

The leaves that enter factories to make tobacco are very different.

It all grows from one seed.

Although the leaves are a single seed, they have a unique taste due to the geographical area in which they grow.

When buying it, according to the description provided, you can guess the taste of tobacco.


It is one of the largest varieties of American tobacco grown in the Jamestan area, and its seeds are imported from Central America and exported exclusively to the United Kingdom.

This was the first British colony in the United States.

Today, Virginia is covered in shiny yellow or orange and red tobacco.

Virginia tobacco is inherently dry, delicate and sweet.

The method of doing this is to blow smokeless heat to the tobacco silos through iron pipes.

For this reason, the Virginia variety has a sweet taste and a delicate state like a ripe fruit.

This light and sweet product is one of the cleanest tobaccos in the world and it is also used in expensive cigarettes in the world.

In fact, it is one of the main components of English tobacco.


Maryland tobacco that grows light brown due to the density of air in this region of the world.

The Maryland variety has a light taste and burns gently and quietly, is less noticed in the United States and the United Kingdom, and most of the Maryland fields are dominated by tobacco exported to Germany, Switzerland and France.

However, Dutch and Danish tobaccos are usually the product of the fields of Maryland, and sweetening essential oils are usually added to them, while the British-exclusive Virgin species are inherently sweet.


Today, Burley tobacco is less common than what George Webb, Ohio’s largest tobacco ranger, cultivates.

This species was founded by George Webb in 1864.

Its quality is excellent and the grain is larger than other tobaccos and it is to the taste of some people.

Burley tobacco grows in an area with high air density, light brown in color and tends to darken.

Inherently not prone to sweetness, it is mixed with all kinds of sweet tobacco and forms the basis of the composition of the American species.


This tobacco looks like Oriental.

After extraction, the leaves are placed in the smoke from the ignition of oak, cypress or pine, and this process may take up to two months.

When this tobacco burns, it is very light and easily lit.

If you buy quality varieties that are a little stronger, the sweetness will be reminiscent of the taste of caramel whose sugar is burnt.


This tobacco is inherently fragrant and strong. It is the product of drawers such as Turkey, Cyprus, Greece and, in general, the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean.

The best type produced in Turkey is known as “Turkish tobacco”.

This species is added to other English and Oriental tobaccos and brings a sweet taste.

The best type of this tobacco is greenish yellow or golden brown.


This tobacco is the most basic ingredient in American aromatic tobacco and is usually light and sweet.

Some of these tobaccos are from Kentucky, some from Tennessee, and some from central Virginia.

The taste is mild sweet with a slight burn.

The valuable information gathered above will help you select and identify tobacco.

Different tobaccos have different flavors in different places.

Tobacco used in northern Europe may not be very popular in southern Europe due to its diverse climate.

To distinguish their taste, be sure to clean your pipe well before use.

When cleaning your pipe, make sure to keep it separate when the pipe is hot.

The taste of using tobacco in cold or hot months will definitely change.

In the warm months of the year, you can use light tobacco and in the cold months of the year, you can use and enjoy fragrant tobacco.

Do not overfill the tobacco inside your pipe.

Remember that the soft filling of the tobacco inside the pipe will help you to enjoy the selected tobacco.

If you smoke and want to use a pipe and the pleasure of smoking is important to you, remember that you must practice over a year.

The blades of a tobacco will definitely change from company to company, so look for different types of tobacco to achieve the type of interest.

Important points about tobacco:

1- Never buy dry tobacco because it causes sore throat and high heat in the smoke and burns the tongue of the smoke.

2- Important point is about filling the tobacco inside the pipe.

Tobacco should be filled in such a way that it is low density and dense on top.

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