Types of black tea leafs

Young leaf black tea
This tea is composed of freshly grown tea leaves and is the first harvest of tea stems. It has an astringent taste, low color and has many antioxidant properties.
Broken leaf black tea
Consists of broken leaves. It can be a combination of tea leaves. The high color and sharpness of the taste is quite noticeable and it is ready very soon.
First-class tea bag is filled with broken tea and has a lot of color power. Some manufacturers add that bergamot is very common.
Whole leaf black tea
This species consists of a whole ripe tea leaf.
It is probably the result of a second or third harvest, and the tea leaves are quite large. It has almost all the properties that tea should have, it has a balanced color and the taste of tea is a combination of bitterness, sharpness and astringency.
Full broken leaf black tea
It contains crushed and very fine teas and is basically not in the tea basket and is used to fill second-class tea bags. Extreme bitterness and dark color are the characteristics of this tea. Some manufacturers do not sell it in the market at all and sell it as compost or fertilizer.
Wood tea
You will not find this tea in commercial packages, it contains large amounts of theine and caffeine and its use is common among tea farmers and teahouses in the area.
Wood tea contains a combination of tea stems and leaves

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