TEA (Part 1)

Persian tea


Aromatic, tasty drink and sometimes bitter. wikipedia
In this article, we will review brewing, drinking and tea tools. We will also review the history of this old drink, go to the gardeners to ask them about good tea or how we can enjoy drinking tea and seek the health benefits of tea.
There are old ways to brew tea but totally new ways also have been created to drink tea.
More than 4 and half million tons of tea is produced every year in the world.
The value of tea market just in the UK is approximately 6.5 million Pond, so it is a large business.

What is tea:
There are different types of tea.

Black tea, green, white and even blue and yellow.

Which all of them belong to the same plant, which is obtained from one type of leaf.
Leafs of Camellia Sinensis.

It is interesting to know that all this variety in color, smell and type is obtained from one type of leaf but the difference is in the different processes that take place after picking on the leafs.
For example, black tea is blackened due to the way the leafs oxidize after picking.
Enzymes are activated and dark color of tea is produced.

Green tea is the closest form of tea leafs that is not oxidized and therefore it remains the beautiful green color of tea.
In fact, for better taste green tea is heated slightly. benefits of green tea
White tea is the purest type of tea.
Leafs are just picked and dried.
Picking tea is a very delicate task.

History of tea:
The art of making tea originated in China about 5000 years ago. Even the word tea is Chinese name.

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