Poker tobacco pipe smoke experience

Poker pipe is one of the most popular shapes
Interesting and traditional design of the fireplace and the possibility of its stand-up can provide a lot of possibilities for pipe smoker.
Spread the smoke for two days
With this pipe, I was able to spread the volume of my fire between two smoky days, which is great for spending time with a pipe.

Both the tobacco does not spill out of the fire and it can always be at hand, and it smoked less and less harmful.

The tobacco used during this period is a combination of Ilstide 88 and Dunhill Night Cup, which have been on the sidelines for more than a year.
It ‘s almost a little spicy, but great for Etdor (outdoors) smokes
It can be kept on even for two minutes without packing.

I think a change in the Night Cup can balance this English tobacco and make it a little sweeter.
This type of Virginia compound is found in many essential tobacco.
In fact, in the composition of English tobacco does the same change as in aromatic tobacco, balancing them.

About Gasparin Poker Pipe:
Gasparin Pipe Breaker Poker is offered in two finishes, Ambra and Sabiata, under the Pinocchio brand, and is considered to be the company’s almost perfect poker product.
According to the designer, all the defects of the previous models in this model have been modified and its mouth height has been done very carefully so that it has less tongue burning and can be easily placed in a stand-up position.
The price is cheap and even for amateur smokers, the pipe is very good and stylish.
Pinocchio Poker Poker is designed as a multi-filter and supports carbon filter and balsa filter.
The carbon filter in this pipe can be easily used up to two times and the balsa up to four times.
The brewer used in this pipe has been processed and can have a flawless and flawless smoke for its fans.

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