How fill tobacco in chamber

– Use your pipe clean and ready and open the tobacco if it is stuck together. You can cut it on a special leather plate and after opening and removing the chips

– Pour the tobacco into the chamber from above in such a way, enters the chamber easily and no pressure is applied to it at this stage. Keep doing this until the tobacco falls from the top of the chamber and overflows.

Dense some tobacco with your three fingers.

– Squeeze the dense tobacco from above into the oven, the amount of crack should be at most enough that a little of it is out of the oven.

Squeeze it with your thumb and never push it in with your fingertips and allow it to open slightly at the bottom of the chamber and fill up densely at the top of the chamber.

– When you light the tobacco, it should be completely fried. It may not be possible to fire once and you will have to do it again. If you use a pipe several times a day, try to use a special lighter to burn the upper surface of your chamber less. Ordinary lighters (for cigarettes) burn the top of chamber, while special lighters do less damage to this part and your hand will not burn when you light the pipe.

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