How choose a few pipe for professional pipe smoker 2

Canadian pipe is straight with long shank and small bit.
This type is very popular because of long shank adsorption.

The canadian is a long shanked billiard with an oval shank and a tapered bit. The shank is about twice as long as as the height of the bowl.

Variation: Lumberman, Lovat and Liverpool.

Lovat and Liverpool with round shank.

Pot is subcategory of billiard. Difference in bowl of stem shape. (half bent apple)

West pocket is small pipe and as you know you can put in your pocket.
Generally produce without filter. This type is suitable to carry on.

This type is designed for long time pipe smoking.
Big chamber with thickness shank and small stem.
Generally volcano produces by experience pipe makers because of special shape.

The volcano has a conical bowl,usually with a rounded base and a bent shank with saddle stem.

Because of cone shape bown, this style may have a relatively  narrow tobacco chamber for the sie of the pipe.

Very expensive pipe, design by brand pipe makers.
Calabash can make light smoking experience for you.
Gourd calabash with meerschaum bowl and briar calabash are types of this popular shape.

The calabash is a solid wood interpretation of the gourd calabash

Pipe with long stem is churchwarden.
Churchwardens are very popular pipes because you can experience very light smoking.

Smoke heat is very low in this shape are pipe collectors have many churchwardens.
Many of them produce with or without filter.

Special pipe shape, you can find in brand pipe makers. Unusual air hole system.
This shape design for use with 2 filter. Because of distance, smoke is cool.

Based on the old Tyrolean pipes of Germany.

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