Choose pipe for biginner pipe smoker

Choose the best pipe:

Buy a brand pipe, if you are biginner, be sure to try to choose a pipe that has good quality.
Reputable brands always launch cheaper products than others, which are for the use of biginners, in order to maintain their sales market.
In this case, be sure to try to buy from a experence place and secondly, consider the opinion of the seller to help choose pipe.

The standard pipe is made of special wood (briar) which is prepared for this purpose.
Briar, which is the product of a special process on the root, has a relatively high price.

All brands use briar to make pipes.

What tools should be purchased when buying a pipe?

Pipe tool: (TAMPER)

Tamper is a tool for pounding, piercing and shaving tobacco.

It is necessary for every person who uses a pipe.

You can also buy some cleaners.
The cleaner is a rod that is wrapped around the fibers and one side is thinner than the other.
One end is used to clean the mouth and the other end to clean shank.


Most pipes are pruduce to use with filters.
Two very common types of 9mm filters are available.

Balsa filter and carbon filter.

Carbon filter, which is cylindrical and has holes for air to enter and is poured into the carbon cylinder.
One end may be plastic or two ends may be ceramic, but in any case the ceramic head is white and should be towards the fireplace (Bowl or CHamber).

The balsa filter has a healthier structure and is made of balsa wood.
It has no carbon, paper, ceramic or plastic.
Before inserting the balsa filter into the tenon, squeeze it between your fingers.
After dealing with smoke, the balsa filter absorbs harmful secretions and inflates slightly.

Tobacco pipe:

Use aromatic or lighter tobacco to start smoke.

Aromatic tobaccos are lighter than non-essential tobacco.

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