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Balsa system filter for tobacco pipe

Balsa system for tobacco pipe is filtering system using the natural attributes of balsa wood it allows the absorption of both moisture and impurities from smoke, without the addition of chemical elements, insuring a clean pipe shank, this absorption ability is due to the extremely porous fibers of the balsa , which allows for a perfect smoke without altering the flavor and aroma of the tobacco.
It is advisable to replace it every two/ three smokes, or every time you clean the pipe .
It is also recommended not to let the pipe sit longer than one day with a used filter inserted.
Research Center (USA) :
“..the filter has the ability to absorb 77% of the nicotine and 91% of the tar contained in tobacco without altering the flavor of same”.

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TEA (Part 1)

Persian tea


Aromatic, tasty drink and sometimes bitter. wikipedia
In this article, we will review brewing, drinking and tea tools. We will also review the history of this old drink, go to the gardeners to ask them about good tea or how we can enjoy drinking tea and seek the health benefits of tea.
There are old ways to brew tea but totally new ways also have been created to drink tea.
More than 4 and half million tons of tea is produced every year in the world.
The value of tea market just in the UK is approximately 6.5 million Pond, so it is a large business.

What is tea:
There are different types of tea.

Black tea, green, white and even blue and yellow.

Which all of them belong to the same plant, which is obtained from one type of leaf.
Leafs of Camellia Sinensis.

It is interesting to know that all this variety in color, smell and type is obtained from one type of leaf but the difference is in the different processes that take place after picking on the leafs.
For example, black tea is blackened due to the way the leafs oxidize after picking.
Enzymes are activated and dark color of tea is produced.

Green tea is the closest form of tea leafs that is not oxidized and therefore it remains the beautiful green color of tea.
In fact, for better taste green tea is heated slightly. benefits of green tea
White tea is the purest type of tea.
Leafs are just picked and dried.
Picking tea is a very delicate task.

History of tea:
The art of making tea originated in China about 5000 years ago. Even the word tea is Chinese name.

will continue …

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How choose a few pipe for professional pipe smoker 2

Canadian pipe is straight with long shank and small bit.
This type is very popular because of long shank adsorption.

The canadian is a long shanked billiard with an oval shank and a tapered bit. The shank is about twice as long as as the height of the bowl.

Variation: Lumberman, Lovat and Liverpool.

Lovat and Liverpool with round shank.

Pot is subcategory of billiard. Difference in bowl of stem shape. (half bent apple)

West pocket is small pipe and as you know you can put in your pocket.
Generally produce without filter. This type is suitable to carry on.

This type is designed for long time pipe smoking.
Big chamber with thickness shank and small stem.
Generally volcano produces by experience pipe makers because of special shape.

The volcano has a conical bowl,usually with a rounded base and a bent shank with saddle stem.

Because of cone shape bown, this style may have a relatively  narrow tobacco chamber for the sie of the pipe.

Very expensive pipe, design by brand pipe makers.
Calabash can make light smoking experience for you.
Gourd calabash with meerschaum bowl and briar calabash are types of this popular shape.

The calabash is a solid wood interpretation of the gourd calabash

Pipe with long stem is churchwarden.
Churchwardens are very popular pipes because you can experience very light smoking.

Smoke heat is very low in this shape are pipe collectors have many churchwardens.
Many of them produce with or without filter.

Special pipe shape, you can find in brand pipe makers. Unusual air hole system.
This shape design for use with 2 filter. Because of distance, smoke is cool.

Based on the old Tyrolean pipes of Germany.

this article will contunue …

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How choose a few pipe for professional pipe smoker

If you are professional pipe smoker, you need to choose many pipes because each pipe need rest after smoke.

It is very important that how you select pipe to enjoy your smoking and your collection.
When you enjoy from your pipe collection?
When you can understand about finish, model and design of your pipe then you can explain these matters to others. Like explain painting or music.
So, different pipes and shapes and complete understanding about details is enjoyable for you or who watch your pipe collection.

You must pay attention to bellow matters:
Ambra, Noce (smooth), Sandblast, Rustic, Selected and Pura are different types of finishing pipe.
Sandblast and rustic are cheapest and selected, pura and smooth are most expensive.
When briar block has many grains, pipe maker prefer to make sandblast or rustic and when block is transparent with no grain (less grain), they make ambra or selected.
Noce (smooth) is middle finish and color comes to walnut or dark walnut.
Transparent finishes (ambra, selected, walnut) are more vulnerable about heat or strike but sandblast and rustic will suffer less damage.
I recommend collecting different finishes in your collection.

Pipe makers have different standards because of experience or market. Many of them make general models but small quantity can make specials like Calabash, Volcano, Oom Paul and etc.

The most important thing in making pipe is finish because it is depending to experience of pipe maker and block quality. Experienced top pipe makers prefer to make special shapes and of course more expensive pipes but business pipe makers prefer to get bigger market and they make general shapes.
This is very important that you have information about shapes and smoke quality of each if you like to collect best pipes in your collection.

Common model in pipe making industry is billiard.
All pipe makers make billiard. Bent, straight or half bent.
All pipe smokers have many billiards in collection.
If you choose straight models you have more control to smoke and if you choose bent, it is better to smoke freehand!

The bowl and  tobacco chamber are cylindrial and the shank is about the same lenght as the height of the bowl.

Second common model is apple. Like billiard you can find apple in all brands.
Apple is more thickness than billiard but chamber (bowl) is smaller. For long time pipe smoking billiard is better, when you select apple pipe, you must have light puffs and short smoke.


Poker is one of popular pipes in pipe world.
Shank hole is located above end of bowl. Smoke is cooler but important difference is standing on the table. So, tobacco will not outpour when you want put your pipe on table.

The poker is a straight pipe with a cylindrical, flat bottomed bowl designed so that the pipe will stand.


this article will continue …

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How blend your own pipe tobacco


Smoking is one of famous and interesting in word. Cigarette, shisha, pipe, cigar, electronic cigars and many others are popular from thousands of year.

Tobacco pipe lovers have special world, communication and same ideas in this respect. So you can find many articles in websites or other social Medias. Few weeks ago I read very useful article from Russ Ouellette, he mention about each tobacco specification and ideas to mixing tobacco, you can read here . . .

Unfortunately we have limits to reach unique origin pipe tobacco in Iran because of many legal problems (in Iran all tobaccos must pack for end user) and so you can not find original pure single origin pipe tobacco.
Also I know we have same difficulty in other countries and many of governments don’t let companies to sale bulk tobaccos.

So, we will check our possibility in this article to mixing brand tobaccos together to reach the best solution about our favotite taste. Very special thing in mixing and blinding tobaccos together is know about each tobacco specifications and character.
First step is discuss about each tobacco character.

Virginia: This type is small sweet and it burn fast with a lot of sugar and it can make more temperature in your pipe and you must pay attention, Color of virginia is brown and gold brown.

Burley: Earthy taste, burn slowly because this type of tobacco is oily, adding taste to this type is hard.

Oriental: This type of tobacco generally grows in Turkey and Syria. Taste of tobacco is strong and heavy, general taste of oriental is smoky and many of smokers have problem with oriental room note, so they try to smoke out of home if they prefer to try in cold seasons but it is easy to smoke.

Latakia: Latakia is subset of oriental and difference of them is latakia passing production. Producers hold oriental tobacco in close place and try with smoke, prepared by burning woods.

Cavendish: Cavendish is not type of tobacco but cavendish is very important in mixtures. Producers press virginia tobaccos under pressure, they will prepare in 2 way, adding additive or pure. But important thing is changing virginia tobacco to slow burning tobacco. Cavendish has a lot of suger and ready to reach additives.Tobacco producer use cavendish in many of mixtures.

Better to know about English mixtures

English mixture (American): Mixture of virginia and latakia tobacco and maybe touch of burly.

English mixtre (Scotish): Mixture of virginia and latakia and touch of pure cavendish.

How can I create my own tobacco

I think we must discuss about taste and aromas of each type of tobacco. So what I need? I need aromatic tobacco, original or english mixtures? How long my smoke will take?

I think last question is more important than others.
Please note that, filling tobacco in your chamber of pipe is very important and also pay attention that every standard chamber (not big or not small) will take 20 minutes to smoke or more.
So, if you burn tobacco in 5 minute it is better that you use vacume cleaner as your master pipe smoker!

Smoking pipe is like cooking, if you use strong flame, it will burn quickly.
Very simple example, when your start cooking and fire is low everything is ok and aroma is good but if you use strong flame aroma will heavy and taste is rough and maybe your tongue will burn.

If you want to check many kinds of tobaccos and blinds together, pay attention to  smoking time period and remember if you use aromatic tobaccos your flame must very light.

Now, we want to design strong, sweet and easy to fill pipe tobacco by mixing packed blinds. I choose Dunhill Standard mixture and Captain Black Gold to mix. Use 30g Dunhill and 20g Captain Black Gold and mix together and then put in close box. This is good idea if you add water (by spraying) to tobacco and let rest for a week.
In this way I change many kinds of tobaccos, english mixtures to aromatic but I think never you can change aromatic tobacco character to original taste. This is very important to think what you want to create before make mixtures.

Now test your mixture, in next article I will discuss and created mixture and discuss how you can add caramel to your tobacco.

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Pinocchio pipe tool

Pinocchio pipe tool

Pinocchio is sub brand of Cafe Artin with several branches and its field of activity is the production of various types of pipe tampers, pipe bag, 9 mm balsa filter and limited number of pipes.
Tampers are handmade by casting techniques by skilled and experienced craftsmen that require skill and constructive accuracy.
Products are made of Zamac, which about 95% of zinc and at the same strength it has a special softness that is suitable for producing pipe tamper.
What is zinc and what are the health benefits of it?
A blue-white metal that is used to make bross and to cover and protect objects made of iron.

Zinc is a trace element that is necessary for a healthy immune system.
Tampers are available in three colors of golden, silver and antique, which are tailored to the taste of many professional pipe smokers.

So those who are looking for a special and luxury tampers with limited circulation will love this product.

What are the advantages of Pinocchio pipe tools?
Because of being handmade it has intrinsic value and at same time, its design is very precise and elegant with no other sample in the world.
This is genuine, original and authentic.
Tamper is a necessary tool for pipe smokers and each smoker needs a few.

Most of smokers have two or more pipes but the variety of tampers are limited to choose I smoking market, especially when they want unique models and are symbolized.
Our tampers with the design of specific models will provide you a great pleasure or even successful market.

Amazing Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes is the name of a fictional private detective in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Holmes is known for his proficiency with observation.

He has special skills such as medical science and logical reasoning.

The story of Sherlock Holmes was first created by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and appearing in print in 1887, eventually totaling four novels and 56 short stories.
Though he was not the first fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes is arguably the best known, with Guinness world records listing him as the most portrayed movie character in history.

He was interested in smoking pipe so they generally portrayed him while he was smoking with an English hat.

Some of the world’s famous pipe brands has used his name to design and deliver some product and pipe smokers has a special interest to him.

Wizard of Oz

Dorothy lives with her dog Toto on the Kansas farm of her aunt and uncle.
One day a powerful tornado strikes and the house with Dorothy and her dog is sent spinning in the air and lands in the land of Oz, where everything were beautiful and strange however Dorothy wanted to return to her home in every way.
On her journey Dorothy with the help of the good witch of the north, managed to return home and since then she has learned there is no place like home.
This tamper is created as a coin with wizard of Oz image.


The first and simplest writing tool employed by human beings that was used in ancient and medieval times, before the invention of modern writing.
Generally feather is a well known symbol for writing by renown pipe smokers like Jack London, Mark Twain and Einstein

Terracotta Army

The Terracotta army is a collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang in the first emperor of China.
Its is a form of funerary art buried with the emperor whose purpose was to protect the emperor in his after life.

In Greek mythology, medusa was a monster, generally described as a winged human female with living Venomous snakes in place of hair.

Gazers upon her face would turn to stone.
Medusa was beheaded by the hero Perseus, who thereafter used her head, which retained its ability to turn on lookers to stone as a weapon until he gave it to the goddess Athena to place on her shield.

Oval or egg pipes
As the name implies, the egg is shaped like and egg.

This shape can be thought of as an elongated apple.
Although it is available in a straight version, it is most often seen as a bent.

Smoking characteristics should compare favorably with the stack, considering the tall bowl.
Important point to look for in choosing an egg is symmetry, balance and smooth curves that fit the hand.


Riguardo a noi


La collezione di pipe tampers che si vede qua è tutta realizzata nella collezione Pinocchio Pipe.

Pinocchio pipe è un’azienda armena con diverse filiali e il suo campo di attività è la produzione di vari tipi di tampers per le pipe, Porta Pipa (pelle ), filtri di balsa da 9 mm.

I modelli sono fatti a mano e realizzati con tecniche di fusione da artigiani esperti e con esperienza che richiedono abilità e accuratezza costruttiva.

Questi tamper sono realizzati in Zamac, che ne contiene circa il 95% e con la stessa resistenza ha una morbidezza speciale adatta alla produzione del prodotto.

I modelli sono disponibili in tre colori di oro, argento e antico, Si risponde  al gusto di molti fumatori di pipa professionisti e di coloro che cercano un prodotto speciale, come questo prodotto.

Quali sono i vantaggi dei questi tamper ?

perché è fatto a mano ha un valore intrinseco al suo disegno, il suo disegno è molto preciso ed elegante, senza nessun altro campione al mondo, Questo è autentico, originale, autentico.

Tamper è uno strumento necessario per i fumatori di pipa e ogni fumatore ne ha bisogno. La maggior parte dei fumatori ha due o più pipe ,ma la varietà di tamper è limitata. I nostri tamper con il disegno di modelli specifici vi forniranno un grande piacere.

I nostri tamper con bellissimi disegni e di modelli specifici vi forniranno una spiegazione di ogni modello qui sotto.

Sherlock Holmes :

Sherlock Holmes è un personaggio letterario ideato da Arthur Conan Doyle alla fine del XIX Secolo appartenente al genere letterario del giallo deduttivo.

Il personaggio, esordito nel romanzo Uno studio in rosso del 1887, è comparso in quattro romanzi e cinquantasei racconti, assurgendo al ruolo di icona del giallo e venendo ripreso in numerose opere teatrali, cinematografiche e televisive, oltre che in altri media, rappresentando secondo alcuni critici la più celebre figura di investigatore della storia del giallo.

Sebbene Sherlock Holmes non sia il primo cache fantasy, è il miglior incidente fittizio, ed è registrato nel Guinness dei primati come il personaggio più iconico della storia, Era interessato a fumare la pipa, quindi generalmente lo ritraevano mentre fumava con un cappello inglese.

Alcuni dei marchi famosi hanno usato il suo nome per progettare e fornire alcuni prodotti.

Mago di Oz (moneta) :

Dorothy è una bambina che vive in Kansas con il suo cane Tuto. Un giorno un potente tornado colpisce e la casa con Dorothy e il suo cane viene mandata in aria e atterra nella terra di Oz dove tutto era bello e strano, tuttavia Dorothy voleva tornare a casa sua in ogni modo.

Dorothy decide di andare in città per ottenere aiuto dai maghi che vivono in città per tornare a casa.

Questo carattere è viene creato come una moneta con l’immagine del mago di Oz.

Piuma :

Il primo e più semplice strumento di scrittura utilizzato dagli esseri umani che è stato utilizzato in epoca antica e medievale, prima dell’invenzione della scrittura moderna.

In generale la piuma è un simbolo ben noto per la scrittura da noti fumatori di pipa come Jack London, Mark Twain e Einstein.

Antique Terracotta Pipe Tamper

Terracotta :

Terracotta appartiene al primo impero cinese della Cina, Shi Huang.

Questo impero ha governato nel secondo secolo, L’esercito di terracotta è un insieme di statue collocato nel Mausoleo del primo imperatore Qin a Xi’an.

Si tratta di un esercito simbolico, destinato a servire il primo imperatore cinese Qin Shi Huang nell’Aldila’.

Nel 1987 il mausoleo dell’imperatore Qin Shi Huang, di cui l’esercito di terracotta fa parte, è stato inserito nell’elenco dei Patrimoni dell’umanita’ dell’unesco.

Medusa :

Medusa vuol dire “protettrice”, “guardiana”,è una figura della mitologia greca. Insieme con Steno ed Euriale, è una delle tre Gorgoni, figlie delle divinità marine Forco e Ceto.

Secondo il mito le Gorgoni avevano il potere di pietrificare chiunque avesse incrociato il loro sguardo e, delle tre, Medusa era l’unica a non essere immortale, nella maggioranza delle versioni viene decapitata da perseo.

Uova :

Come suggerisce il nome , è sotto forma d’uova, questa forma può essere pensata come una mela allungata, Un punto importante nella scelta di questo modello è la simmetria e l’equilibr

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Choose pipe for biginner pipe smoker

Choose the best pipe:

Buy a brand pipe, if you are biginner, be sure to try to choose a pipe that has good quality.
Reputable brands always launch cheaper products than others, which are for the use of biginners, in order to maintain their sales market.
In this case, be sure to try to buy from a experence place and secondly, consider the opinion of the seller to help choose pipe.

The standard pipe is made of special wood (briar) which is prepared for this purpose.
Briar, which is the product of a special process on the root, has a relatively high price.

All brands use briar to make pipes.

What tools should be purchased when buying a pipe?

Pipe tool: (TAMPER)

Tamper is a tool for pounding, piercing and shaving tobacco.

It is necessary for every person who uses a pipe.

You can also buy some cleaners.
The cleaner is a rod that is wrapped around the fibers and one side is thinner than the other.
One end is used to clean the mouth and the other end to clean shank.


Most pipes are pruduce to use with filters.
Two very common types of 9mm filters are available.

Balsa filter and carbon filter.

Carbon filter, which is cylindrical and has holes for air to enter and is poured into the carbon cylinder.
One end may be plastic or two ends may be ceramic, but in any case the ceramic head is white and should be towards the fireplace (Bowl or CHamber).

The balsa filter has a healthier structure and is made of balsa wood.
It has no carbon, paper, ceramic or plastic.
Before inserting the balsa filter into the tenon, squeeze it between your fingers.
After dealing with smoke, the balsa filter absorbs harmful secretions and inflates slightly.

Tobacco pipe:

Use aromatic or lighter tobacco to start smoke.

Aromatic tobaccos are lighter than non-essential tobacco.